Per Kristiansen

Mr. Kristiansen received his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Stavanger in 1978.  He is a multi-functional drilling engineer with more than thirty years of industry experience.  Per’s integrated team leadership and project management skills developed through work on a variety of domestic and international drilling projects.  His operational background includes experience with most well and formation types encompassing offshore subsea and platform work, onshore remote and urban drilling sites, HTHP and horizontal wells.

Included in his experience are various abandonment projects, such as the removal of Exxon’s R-Platform in the Gulf of Mexico in 1984, the plugback and removal of numerous exploration wells and the removal of all of the wells on the Tommeliten subsea template in the North Sea in 2000. Mr. Kristiansen was also involved in theexcavation and reabandonment of 28 oil wells located within the port of Long Beach in preparation for the construction of a new pier.


KRUMMRICH ENGINEERING CORPORATION                                               2001 – Present

Principal Engineer, Partner
Principal Engineer and co-owner of an engineering/consulting company specializing in project management and supervision of drilling, completion, workover and P&A projects for the oil and gas industry.  Duties include engineering, project management, well planning and design, permitting, cost estimation, contracts and services, cost control/tracking.  Mr. Kristiansen is also responsible for monitoring day‑to‑day field operations and coordinating activities of wellsite supervisors on a variety of drilling/completion/workover projects.  He is an active participant in business growth and development, including company software products.

STATOIL                                                                                                                            1982 – 2001

Drilling/Well Operations Supervisor – Stavanger, Norway (1999 – 2001)
Drilling, completion and workover of subsea wells, both horizontal and sub-horizontal with horizontal xmas tree technology, from a semi-submersible rig offshore Norway.  Drilling, completion and well operations on platform wells in excess of 19,000′, both horizontal and sub-horizontal (with SDP considerations), utilizing jack-up rig offshore Denmark with extensive use of large size coiled tubing.  Participant in project teams that planned and drilled deep HTHP exploration wells using semi-submersible rigs.  Participant in the project team that planned, plugged and abandoned the wells on a large subsea wellhead structure from a semi-submersible rig offshore Norway.

Engineering Manager – Stavanger, Norway (1996 – 1999)
Drilling Engineering Manager for the Åsgard field, with three semi-submersible rigs continuously engaged in drilling activities, offshore Norway.

Manager Åsgard Integrated Planning Team – Stavanger, Norway (1994 – 1996)
The Åsgard Development (the largest subsea development ongoing in the world at the time) consists of three fields, which was developed with two floating production units and a multitude of subsea templates.  Per successfully led a 12-person cross-functional team (including members from partnering operators and a service company) to:

  • Perform the feasibility study to screen and reduce 29 possible development scenarios to five scenarios
  • Conduct the conceptual evaluation of the five development short-listed scenarios to one final scenario
  • Prepare the Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) of the final selected development scenario and select the optimal drilling and completion methods using well life cycle management
  • Issue all necessary documentation to ensure development of the fields in a safe, most cost efficient and environmentally sound manner.

Assistant Drilling Supervisor – Stavanger, Norway (1990 – 1993)

Well Operations Manager – Stavanger, Norway (1987 – 1990)

Subsurface Specialist (seconded to Mobil) – Stavanger, Norway (1985 – 1986) 

Subsurface Engineer (seconded to Exxon) – New Orleans, LA (1983 – 1985)

Department Engineer – Stavanger, Norway (1982 – 1983)

DOWELL SCHLUMBERGER                                                                                    1979 – 1982
Service Engineer – Bolivia, Libya, Norway