Colin Muir, P.E. Petroleum (CA)

Colin graduated with a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada in 2003. He began his career as a reservoir engineer embedded with field operations to co-manage and optimize 10,000 boe/d production from the 1 Bbbl OOIP Judy Creek carbonate reef reservoir in remote northern Canada. This work included water, carbon dioxide, and ethane miscible flood patterns featuring horizontal drilling, recompletions (complex layered reservoir), reactivations, production optimization, and injection above fracture pressure. Seeking relief from the harsh Canadian winters, he relocated to the USA and has worked for CRC, SoCal Gas, and KEC in California. Career duties in CA have focused on CalGEM compliance, underground gas storage reservoir management, (well) project management, and complex reservoir management plans. Passionate about problem solving, data analysis, workflow optimization, and creating helpful solutions for colleagues and clients, Colin is also a licensed Professional Engineer (petroleum) in the state of California.


2019 – PresentKrummrich Engineering Corporation

Senior Engineer

  • Planned, estimated, and engineering oversight for abandonment of two complex wells in an urban environment (critical class) on the Pacific Coast Highway in downtown Huntington Beach, CA.
  • Worked with both local agency (HBFD), and state (Cal-GEM) to obtain necessary permits to execute work in compliance with regulations. Navigated complexities on behalf of non-tech client.
  • Collection, evaluation, and organization of technical documents related to Underground Injection Control (UIC) data submission by exclusive means of Cal-GEM Wellstar portal
  • Generated drilling programs and cost estimates for an out-of-state client to facilitate operations in California. Submitted notices of intent (NOI) and successfully received Cal-GEM permits. Worked closely with environmental team, surveyors, vendors, and client providing project management services including scheduling, critical path planning, vendor comparison, and price optimization
  • Provided on-demand support for business development including project planning, locating and review of regulations and guiding documents, and client meetings to present proposals

2016 – 2019Southern California Gas Company

Storage Engineering Team Lead

  • Analyzed 30 years of historic flow tests to generate predictive model to achieve greater than 95% accuracy in withdrawal capacity predictions to assure fulfillment of publicly posted targets
  • Collaborated with workover team to plan and coordinate comprehensive downhole integrity inspection of all 36 field gas storage wells incorporating review of historic and modern logs including ultrasonic, magnetic flux, caliper, audio, temperature, and radioactive tracer
  • Modernized local job procedures to automate routine job functions allowing more time to assist with specialized data collection and submission to fulfill information requests from various regulatory bodies including DOGGR, AQMD, and the CPUC including in-person presentations
  • Assisted with the review and update of 20 gas standards used across the organization to define work objectives, responsibilities and best practices to assure consistency and maximize safety
  • Supervise execution of annually required cased-hole logs and regulatory submission; formulate testing plans to validate any deficiencies and propose repair plans to remediate anomalies
  • Design and implement data monitoring routines to utilize new continuous well pressure monitoring equipment to assure safe well conditions are maintained and remedy abnormalities

2014 – 2016California Resources Corporation

Senior Reservoir Engineer

  • Shared responsibility for providing reservoir engineering expertise for planning the redevelopment of the idled Kettleman North Dome (KND) multi-horizon oil field (>1.3 Bbbl OOIP)
  • Analyzed activity and production history of 300+ wells dating back to the 1920s to identify present opportunities and evaluation candidates for application of modern exploitation techniques
  • Evaluated and proposed a pilot complex nanofluid waterflood including successful application for DOGGR underground injection control (UIC) permitting
  • Generated five and ten year business plans for commercial redevelopment of KND to achieve specific long-term production targets and identify early concept testing requirements
  • Catalogued thousands of historic pressure points and combined with production history to estimate movement of aquifer water through the reservoir and identify bypassed areas
  • Identified modifications to well workover candidates to reduce cost while maximizing data collection to further reservoir understanding and characterization

2011 – 2014NAL Resources

Exploitation Engineer

  • Provided exploitation engineering services for 5,600 boepd (light, medium, heavy crude, natural gas, and NGLs) located in Alberta on a multi-disciplinary team
  • Managed 30 (10.5net) budget locations targeting Cretaceous, Triassic, Jurassic, and Mississippian oil and gas targets totalling $40MM including evaluation on non-op prospects
  • Prepared detailed asset review for company’s largest reserve property (Montney sandstone light oil, 4000boepd) including financial lookbacks and future development planning
  • Accrued, delivered, and stewarded to capital and production targets including project management of new HZ well locations and Proof-of-Concept prospects
  • Created/maintained OFM databases to facilitate exploitation, production, and surveillance
  • Compiled and presented Reservoir Management Plans to summarize historical asset performance and propose future development opportunities to senior management
  • Economically modeled an associated gas-storage/cycling scheme to maximize lifetime asset value and capitalize on commodity price divergence
  • Liaised with working interest partners to propose, present, and evaluate joint activities
  • Evaluation of full field implementation of a waterflood pilot program including modification of regulatory approval conditions to inject above fracture pressure to maximize efficiency

2003 –2011Pengrowth Energy Corporation

Exploitation Engineer

  • Identified, sponsored and stewarded drilling, acid fracturing, workover, and optimization activities; complete cycle involvement including depletion planning, resource identification and exploitation, completion design, infrastructure, and production
  • Negotiated selection, assignment, and execution of projects with a combined annual development budget of $20MM
    Forecasted and stewarded production, reserves, and capital for corporate budgets including coordination with independent third-party reserve analysts
  • Served as liaison between central management and field operations; provided on-site reservoir/production engineering support working directly with field staff
  • Drafted and submitted regulatory (ERCB) applications/data including EOR and gas storage schemes and annual progress presentations
  • Presented >$4MM projects, annual budgets, and EOR performance reviews to senior management, and government regulatory agencies
  • Managed water and solvent flood performance through reservoir pressure and voidage management with sound injection/production/depletion strategies