Asset Dashboard Instructions

In 2020, CalGEM made significant changes in access to well information, production, and injection data in an attempt to modernize their system. KEC believes there is significant room for improvement in functionality, and has developed a tool (using Microsoft PowerBi) that utilizes identical data offered by CalGEM solutions with significant enhancements to functionality. Our optimized solution has been developed from an operator’s perspective (versus regulator) which incorporates continuous improvement using feedback and suggestions from our user-base. KEC offers complimentary access to the free version of our tool using the link below.

The KEC dashboard has seamlessly integrated all digitized historical volumetric data (1977-present) from CalGEM public records to offer an all-in-one solution to view all available production and injection data with enhanced interactive capability not offered by CalGEM Wellfinder, Wellsearch, or the new CalGEM dashboard. In addition, we are developing searchable and interactive integration of other records including well stimulation (WST) and permitting (NOIs).

Users find the KEC dashboard useful for:

  • Geographical well searches (PLSS, Field, County, Well Type, Operator, etc)
  • Bubble maps showing relative visual assessment of production and injection volumes over customizable time periods
  • Interactive geographical mapping (grouping by operator or well type)
  • Dynamic production and injection charts (volume per day or per month)
  • Acquisition and development activities (production, injection, offset well analysis)

For paid-subscription dashboard users, KEC also offers custom report visualizations designed to client specifications and the ability to export data in CSV format for use in external software such as PHDwin, excel, and others. Please contact us to discuss any specific needs you have, provide feedback, or inquire about subscription-based services. Instructions for using the dashboard are embedded in the page below, and we are developing a series of instructional videos, which will be coming soon.

Proceed to Asset Dashboard (Opens in New Window) Dashboard Instructional Videos

Contact Jake Zachry at 805-288-6360 for more information.