For over 20 years KEC has been supporting a broad array of oil and gas related projects. With board-certified Professional Engineers on staff, and an extensive network of business partners and vendors, we have facilitated well drilling, completion, and abandonment operations, both on-shore and off-shore, domestically and internationally. Whether you have extensive industry experience and technical knowledge, or practice outside the energy trade, we tailor our approach to ensure foundational understanding of processes, operations, critical decisions, and potential outcomes. We approach all projects with wholistic methods bespoke to your objectives with careful consideration of possible outcomes to maximize project success.

Large  and complex projects like drilling require thorough planning and comprehensive understanding of critical path items. We provide project detail and planning rooted by realistic expectations. This comes from detailed analysis that draws on professional experience and area-specific precedence investigation. During the planning stage KEC will develop and convey a project schedule with pragmatic solutions for timelines and operations. We look for cost-saving opportunities and explore potential outcomes so you can make informed decisions and have confidence in expected deliverables.

KEC also specializes in production optimization and has workflows to maximize asset performance and value. We offer a web-based solution to help drilldown into existing and potential assets for clients both owning and considering transacting on well-based assets. We have experience assisting both out-of-state and non-energy entities (e.g. banks and bankruptcy debtors) understand assets, maximize value, and manage regulatory compliance. In consideration, KEC can manage Cal-GEM submissions and regulatory compliance, perform economic analysis on prime opportunities, and help achieve a first-rate return-on-investment.

While KEC will continue to support development of oil and gas projects to meet the energy needs of consumers, we understand that there is an evolving environmental landscape with increasing focus on improving the quality of life of California residents. A critical part of this change is elevated focus on abandonment of oil and gas wells and infrastructure that no longer serve in the best interest of citizens. To that effect, KEC can assist with well abandonment projects from pre-liminary review through operational execution. While local permitting agencies have jurisdiction over surface construction/development, they rely on engineers to review downhole well conditions to obtain confidence that, even legacy abandonments, do not pose a future risk to safety. The critical factor to successful execution of regulatory-compliant operations is a comprehensive understanding of applicable regulations and on-going involvement of Cal-GEM in the permitting and execution stages. To maximize impact, KEC has fostered a cordial and collaborative working relationship with Cal-GEM representatives.  KEC is ready to help you understand the cost and operations specific to your property to achieve compliant abandonments. We work with Cal-GEM and local agencies in pursuit of the optimal solution, which can include fact-based recommendations against re-abandonment where appropriate.

Every well-specific project should begin with a detailed review of the well, compilation of well history, and diagrammatic representation of present conditions. After fully understanding existing conditions, KEC will use our self-developed project planning framework to programmatically plan proposed operations with specificity in regards to operations, timelines, and costs to give you a holistic view of the proposed solution. We also analyze and plan for potential contingencies to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of potential costs and outcomes. Following finalization of a well work program, KEC can offer to act as your representative with CalGEM and other state and local regulators managing notifications, correspondence, permitting, inspections pertaining to operations.