Craig Krummrich

Mr. Krummrich received his mechanical engineering degree from West Virginia University and has worked in the upstream oil and gas industry for more than 35 years. He spent 15 years with Chevron Corporation in many different types of responsibility and geographic areas, from drilling and workover foreman / engineer through supervisory and training positions in onshore and offshore operations in areas including the mid-continent, California offshore and overseas. Mr. Krummrich then took the position of Engineering Manager for two years with Kenai Drilling Limited, a California-based drilling contractor. He spent two years as the Drilling Manager for Venoco, Inc. where he helped build a high performance drilling department that engineered and managed drilling, completion and remedial operations in seven oil and gas fields in four states and four different oilfield areas, including Platform Holly. In October of 1998, Mr. Krummrich founded KEC. Under his management, KEC has specialized in offshore California drilling, completion, remediation, and plug and abandon well work and project management of hundreds of offshore wells from 1998 to present. The KEC team is second to none in platform rig refurbishment ad equipment design and placement on California platforms. In-house knowledge of offshore wellhead systems is unique. Mr. Krummrich has operated in the position of Chief Engineer for all the projects that KEC has been involved with.  

Relevant Experience prior to founding KEC
Drilling Manager:
Workover Operations, Various Locations. Managed an eight person drilling department operating from two different offices (Santa Barbara and Denver). Supervised four engineers, a technician, and two technical assistants. Managed drilling, completion, and major workover operations in seven fields in four states, including Santa Clara CA (~8,000’ highly deviated directional wells, and one horizontal well), Willows/Grimes Northern CA (~8,000’ 12 – 14 ppg emw gas wells), Beverly Hills CA urban site (moderately deviated directional wells), Pieance Basin Colorado (6,500’ straight-holes), Big Mineral Creek Texas (highly deviated directional from offshore pads in Lake Texoma), and Gwinville Mississippi (6,000’ – 14,000’ normally pressured gas wells). Managed the refurbishment of the LA Basin Beverly Hills urban site-drilling rig that had been stacked for 15 years and brought it back to working condition and drilled two wells. Managed the construction and mobilization of a 15,000’ very versatile platform-drilling rig onto Platform Holly, located in the state-waters of California. This was significant because Platform Holly is a 30-year-old platform that has severe political, air emission, space, and power constraints. 

Project and Engineering Manager: Environmental Engineering Projects, California. Developed turnkey and managed project business. Project manager for wells drilled from 6,000’ to 11,000’ in the San Joaquin, Central California, and Coastal California areas. During this period drilled six turnkey wells and project managed the drilling of five wells. Developed a computerized well planning and wellsite reporting system used to accurately plan and track projects in real time. Trained rig pushers to effectively utilize a computer and the wellsite reporting systems. Orchestrated the development and contracting of a 3man shallow drilling rig which moved in 2 hours and fit on small production pads. Drilling Superintendent/Engineer: Chevron, Drilling of Wells, California. Engineered and supervised the drilling of wells at Lost Hills, Coalinga, and in Northern California. Initiated and managed a wellsite incentive program that helped reduce drilling costs in Lost Hills by 30%. Sr. Drilling Engineer: Chevron, Engineering Projects, California. Worked with the Chevron team of production and reservoir engineers, geologists, and facility engineers to oversee, in concert with the 

Department of Energy, the operations of Bechtel Engineering at Navy Petroleum Reserves #1 & 2 at Elk Hills. Worked alongside Bechtel engineers to plan and drill the first series of highly successful horizontal wells. Received quality management training and then helped train many Elk Hills employees in quality improvement techniques and processes. Drilling Foreman: Chevron, Wellsite Supervision, Northern California. Wellsite supervision of the drilling, completion, and remediation of straight-hole and directional gas wells in the Willows, Grimes, and Rio Vista areas. Offshore Platform Drilling Engineer: Chevron, Well Projects, California. Engineered and supervised, under the guidance of a drilling superintendent, ten highly deviated wells on Platform Hidalgo in the Point Arguello field in Federal OCS waters. Engineered and supervised an offshore exploratory well drilled from a semi-submersible drilling vessel. Construction liaison between drilling, mud, and cement contractors and Chevron platform facility groups. Responsible for negotiating initial drilling rig, cement, mud, catering contracts for Platforms Hermosa, Hidalgo, Gail, and Esther. Worked with Chevron Offshore Technology division to help design the drilling rigs and associated equipment for seismic design acceptability. 

Drilling Engineer/Foreman: Deep-Water Drilling, Spain/Mediterranean Sea. Worked with a team in Madrid to engineer the Montinaso deep-water drilling project, a well drilled in 2,500’ of water offshore Spain from a dynamically positioned drill ship, at that time, the deepest- water subsea well to date. Part of a sixman drilling foreman team that successfully drilled the well. Drilling Engineer: Chevron Training Group, Well Control Training, New Orleans, Louisiana. Taught well control at Chevron’s domestic drilling office locations and international locations: Saudi Arabia, Aberdeen Scotland, and Copenhagen Denmark. Taught advanced drilling and floating drilling courses in New Orleans and Aberdeen. Offshore Drilling Foreman: Platform Wells, La Habra/Oxnard, California. Wellsite supervision of the drilling and completion of platform wells in the Santa Barbara Channel. Wellsite supervision of exploratory and delineation wells from semi-submersible, drillship, and jack-up rigs in the Point Arguello field. Drilling Foreman: Wellsite Supervision, Midland, Texas. Wellsite supervision of the drilling, completion, remediation, and fracture and acid stimulation of wells in the West Texas and New Mexico areas. Wellsite supervision of the drilling, completion, remediation, and fracture and acid stimulation of wells in Northeast Texas and Oklahoma areas.